Care Farming Memories Part 1

The bank holiday weekend saw forty women from Fairfield W I and three men my hubby being one of them, embark on their annual trip.

This year our ex-president Sylvia had arranged it meticulously down to the finest detail as always.

We are always given an itinerary but there is always a surprise or two.

Our first port of call (excuse the nautical terms but as a ships godmother i trust you will allow me this little quirk) was Blenheim Palace the birth place of Sir Winston Churchill.

Some of us ventured into the Palace whilst others tours the grounds.

As we walked through the courtyard towards the Palace entrance, the Orangery restaurant caught my eye, and a whole lot of memories came flooding back.

The organisation I founded and ran successfully applied and awarded a grant from the Plunkett Foundation. when the grant period was over several of the recipients were invited to Blenheim Palace to speak about our projects and what made them successful, and how much they helped the rural community.

this was the first time I had spoken to a large audience and especially in front of my peers who had also run successful projects. Whilst we were not in competition I just wanted to be good enough to ensure that the funders felt that they had made the right decision.

I had been to the local Coop sale and bought myself a new outfit, as I wanted to feel and look good on the stage.

I remember editing and re editing my power point presentation and the speech, so many times. I am posting a copy of it as I thought you might like to look at what we did at Gamelea. This presentation was specifically about people with learning disabilities and giving them training and work opportunities and enabling access to the countryside.

I would love to read your comments. If this fires anyones imagination and you feel like replicating it please get in  touch with me.

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