Proud Mum and Grandma

Whatever I have done in life my family have always been my priority. I get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t see them regularly or at least speak to them.

My son and his  lovely family have been struggling lately, He is a Farrier, (shoes horses) and all last year he suffered terribly with a bad back. This is due to heavy horses leaning on him whilst he is sorting their feet out. He spent an absolute fortune on chiropractors and osteopaths, to no avail. He did see an NHS back specialist and was given some injections which worked for a short while.

As a Mother it is awful watching your child suffer, (no matter what age they are). Being in constant pain made him bad tempered, and frustrated. Just before Christmas he collapsed altogether. Within  four weeks he was in hospital and having a back operation. Thank goodness for our NHS, they were absolutely wonderful!

This has meant that he hasn’t been able to drive or work for several weeks, so I have been on duty, although it definitely isn’t a chore. It was a bit scary at times as I have had the worst of the winter weather to contend with.

The youngest granddaughter Phillippa is six, and she is so good at gymnastics that she has moved into the Junior class having outgrown the younger class.

Last week she stood in front of girls several years older than herself and took the ten minute warm up. She came home with the medal for the best gymnast of the week.

Ten year old Harriett is  very talented but she hides her light under a bushel, she does not have the confidence that the little one has, and I  think that she is sometimes over shadowed by her younger sister. But not this week, she was chosen along with a few others to represent her school in a High Peak Junior Schools Athletics Tournament. She won all her races and came home with a medal. I can’t begin to tell you how proud and pleased I am for her.

She also won the trophy for being the best gymnast of the term.

They are all coming on the Independence with me when she is relaunched in May. They are getting so excited! The two eldest have already packed! It will be wonderful to have all my family together on the Indy. I have a feeling that they are going to love all the new additions. They are watching all the improvements with mounting giddiness.


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