Social Forays Around Buxton

Last week saw me out almost every day my social life is either feast or famine, it is never evenly spread.

I am president of our local Fairfield Women’s Institute.  Monday evening was committee meeting night, it has been very difficult to follow in the footsteps of the last President who had been in office for twenty years. I am also an incomer into the area which makes it doubly difficult. Non the less I am enjoying my presidency, (it sounds very grand! )

I then met up with a friend to help organise next years programme for a craft group I go to every Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning saw me at the said craft group where we ladies made gift bags using old maps. They looked pretty good actually. But I can never be bothered, when I have tried to wrap things nicely, I can’t bear to watch it being destroyed by the recipients who only want to get to the gift. I can’t blame them. However Japanese culture values the wrapping of a present as much as the gift inside.

I then went off to Waitrose to borrow 50 wine glasses. Long-suffering husband Edward duly dropped me and the glasses off at a local meeting room whilst he did granddad duty and took two of the girls to gymnastics.

I digress, I was actually helping our WI host a fundraising event the President has a chosen charity and whilst it’s not exactly a charity I decided I would like to try to raise money for accessible defibrillators for the Fairfield Community.

A Clarins make up evening  with wine and nibbles (well crisps and nuts), attended by fifty ladies was our first attempt. A raffle was held to decide who was going to have the pleasure of the makeover. Well I was sat at the table nearest the demonstration in order to take photographs. I thought it would be good to blog about the evening, however lo and behold my number was pulled out of the basket. I tried to refuse but the beautician had already got the cape on me and was sitting me in the chair.

In spite of the fact that I was in front of fifty women, I loved the experience.

Clarins skin care is just delicious, it smells divine. I treated myself to a bottle of serum, supposed to be age defying and I  also got a free gift of a bag containing lots of other lotions and potions. The lighting was too poor to do a selfie so unfortunately I don’t have a photograph, but I was assured by everyone that the make up was lovely. I had a look when I got home and yes indeed they had made a good job of it. I proved one thing I can’t take selfies, I am sure there is a knack. However my husband can’t take photos either.

I had to take the glasses back the next day.

Every Thursday I run the Fairfield  older people’s group under the auspices of Age UK. It is always well attended, we have speakers, sometimes play games such as bingo, beetle drive, play your cards right, sometimes we just chat and we always have tea and cake. We have had a couple of sessions with  local author and social historian, Julian Cohen. At the moment he is encouraging the group to write down their own childhood experiences of the area. As an incomer I find the stories the group tell of the locality absolutely fascinating. Some of them are old enough to have wartime memories.

Julian is hoping to collate these memories and perhaps publish them in some form. Certainly he wants them to be available in the local museum.

I will tell you more of this as it unfolds.

Friday saw me make my first visit to a young Mum and her one year old with my Homestart befriending hat on. It is quite obvious that this girl needs more statutory help but there seems to be very little. Thank goodness for Homestart High Peak. How short-sighted of politicians to cut funding for the very young when the right help and intervention in the early months and years could save thousands of pounds, lives and problems later on.

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