Belated Easter Tales

I  must apologise for the lack of content for a couple of weeks but Easter has proved to be as hectic as Christmas in a different way.

We had to do the usual pick up of Alicia from Uni in Nottingham, in between battling with the Beast from the East.

As always Alicia sprang on me some sort of performance she was involved in in St. Giles Church, Matlock. This was at the request of her old (he won’t forgive me for that remark!) piano and music theory teacher, Dr. Stephen Oxley. He is quite a character with a dry sense of humour and he really appreciates Alicias’ voice.

Much to my frustration, (I am frightened of driving in the snow and the weather forecast wasn’t looking good) Edward the hubby and father of Alicia, is the music lover in our partnership, he sings in a couple of local choirs, declined to come with us to the church service on the Wednesday of Easter week, stating that he had indeed been and was going to a service in our own church of St. Peters almost daily as he sings in the choir there.

So multi tasking (if any of you reading this have young children and think that the Mums taxi has a limited life don’t you believe it). I drove her to the venue, with no expectations save that I was going to a church service associated with Easter.

After arriving at five on the dot, Alicia entered the church before me for the rehearsal, as I was doing a handbag hunt in our car. I never ever go anywhere without my handbag, and I remember picking it up, but no it had somehow disappeared on route. I had intended to do my make up  whilst the rehearsal was going on. Well no handbag,  no cosmetics! I also realised I had no money for the collection either. I do however have bits of money in every coat pocket I own and also keep some car park change in cubby holes in the car.

So with every bit of change I could find safely in my pocket and  a quick fluff up of my hair, I gingerly entered the church to be met with a delicious sound.

I quietly tiptoed to a centre pew, and settled down to hear the rehearsal of ‘The Crucifixion’ by Sir John Stainer.

At seven o’ clock the performance began.

I don’t care whether you are religious or not, you could not be failed to be moved by the drama created by the wonderful organ playing by Dr. Tom Cornfield, together with  the story telling by the fantastic voices of Tenor Graham Neal and Bass Julian Empett (more of them later) the combined voices of the choir and  the whole performance being conducted by Dr. Stephen Oxley.

Alicia was there along with other ex pupils of Stephens to help boost the Francis Jackson Choir.

Tears, goosebumps, hairs standing up on the back of my neck can only go partway to explain what a wonderful evening it was.

I am including a copy of the biography of the musicians there that night as it would be doing them a grave injustice if I didn’t.

After the performance we indulged in delicious home made refreshments provided by the members of the congregation.

Whilst we were partaking of a slice of cake Alicia and I spoke  to the two Soloists and thanked them for giving us so much.  (I  want to say pleasure but the subject of the performance prevents me)

We told them what wonderful voices they had(and here’s where the proud Mother bit kicks in) they both without hesitation turned to Alicia and said and “you have a fabulous voice too”. Naively I said “How do you know?  She was in the chorus”. They both laughed and said “don’t worry we could hear her”.

Praise indeed from two true professionals.

We drove home in a state of euphoria. Thankfully without incident

Oh the dratted handbag was in the hall when I got home. I must have dropped it as I had so much other paraphernalia in my arms, like blankets,  wellies and a shovel, and some bananas, because it had forecast snow!

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