Fifteen minutes of fame again

Independence of the Seas is having a fabulous makeover as we speak. Because of all the publicity surrounding it, interest in me as its Godmother has been aroused.

Recently I have been interviewed by a travel magazine and by a travel/cruise blogger, Flavia from Ships and Champagne.

You know how you just click with somebody, and find you have things in common, and even though you have only just met you feel you already know that person and indeed want to get to know them better, well this happened with Flavia.

For a couple of years now I have been thinking of writing a blog, the technical knowledge has always held me back, well Flavia together with my daughter Alicia got me up and running.

Not only has Flavia encouraged me and given me so much advice and help, but she got in touch with a friend of hers Sadie, who is a freelance journalist.

Sadie very kindly wrote a lovely long piece on me which was published in the Daily Express last Monday.

As Independence is having a makeover we thought it would be fun if not a little ambitious to give me a makeover.

Thanks to the lovely Tricia and her Look Fabulous Forever make up company, I was treated to the most wonderful cosmetics.

The face primer is gorgeous and the foundation feels very light on my face. I even tried the eyeshadow and was pleasantly surprised not having used eyeshadow for many years.

The lip primer, certainly helped the lipstick stay put and certainly stopped the lipstck bleed.

Even though the make up has been developed for women of a certain age it did not stop my 22 year old daughter from trying out various items. when she returned to Uni I discovered that she had “borrowed” the liquid eye shadow and the blusher.

Looking at the photos I am not sure I did the make up justice. It was the foulest of days, cold and wet. I don’t know about you but my hair has a mind of its own in winter. and if I get cold no amount of makeup can take away my starved  (I said starved not starving) look.

I have been invited to visit the London Office of Look Fabulous Forever next time I visit the Capital, so I am really looking forward to meeting the team.

I was very interested in cosmetics when I was younger and would have liked a Body Shop franchise but it was out of my price range.

I met someone who encouraged me to develop my own natural skin care range. I called it A Gentler Touch” this was successful for a short while until the acrimonious divorce of my first marriage.

I shelved it and lost the formulas never to be seen again.

Last year Alicia and I went on a course to learn how to make skin lotions and body butters.

This brought back lots of memories, but I have to say I haven’t pursued it. However watch this space as Alicia is probably coming back home for a year before she goes off to do her Masters in Opera performance, and we might do something together.




  1. Think I might have to write a blog on being the godmother if the wonderfully talented, beautiful Alicia…. xxx


  2. Thank you so much for your kind words Elizabeth. You are right we did hit it off didn’t we? I will be publishing the interview in May to coincide with Indy’s magnificent return! I look forward to seeing your blog grow and your entertaining and informative posts delight many readers. x


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