A Mother’s Day Surprise

Recovering from flu and feeling more than a little sorry for myself I remarked on Saturday that I was not expecting a card from either of my adult children as neither of them believe in sending cards.

That evening I was pleasantly surprised to see my daughters name pop up on the screen as I answered my phone.

“Can you pick me up?” she said

“Where from?” I said, slightly bewildered as she lives in Nottingham and we live in Buxton, it’s an hour and forty minute drive.

“I’m at the station, I’ve come home for the weekend.” she replied.

Well, with lifted spirits and a spring in my step I nipped off to the station to pick her up and when I met her at the station I was greeted with a lovely hug and a bouquet of flowers. She informed she had booked a restaurant in Buxton for Lunch on Mother’s Day after church.

It was lovely to have her accompany me in church and sit in the pew beside me. She normally gets roped in to sing in the choir alongside her Dad.

This morning’s service was a special mothering Sunday service, all mothers received a little posy of flowers and the ladies who were on tea duty had baked lovely cupcakes.

However, it was neither the flowers nor the cupcakes that made this service special, but the sermon. It was one of the best sermons our vicar had ever delivered.

In his sermon he questioned whether the “mother Church” was actually doing enough in caring for all members of society. He talked about how in the Bible most of the families were disfunctional and yet the Church has perpetuated this idyllic Mother, Father 2.4 children as the archetypal family, when in reality particularly today, there are hundreds of different permutations of family, and that it’s time the Church embraced them all. He also said that it was a time of reflection and whilst it was a day of celebration, that it was a time of sadness for many, those who were childless, those whose Mothers had not been the best, those whose Mothers had died and those Mothers who had lost a child.

I left church with a spring in my step, looking forward to the lunch with my daughter and husband.

Just to finish off a wonderful day, I received a phone call from my son wishing me Happy Mother’s Day.

Oh, and that card that I never thought I was going to get? Well turns out I was wrong!

One comment

  1. What a sweet sweet Mother’s Day surprise. I can only hope my daughter is as thoughtful as yours one day and plans something special like this for me! She’s only 7 months now. So my Mother’s Day was simply full of sweet baby snuggles. So happy you had such a wonderful day!


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